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Affiliated Theme Templates

Twig templates, based on a Domain suggestion, are baked into our Radix House theme.  

These template "suggestions" are the glue which provide affiliated sites their custom landing experience.  All affiliated sites share a common front page URL.  Views and Content Blocks are customized for each site by filtering on either Domain, Term or Context.  

For people who work with Drupal, our layout can be thought of as "Single Site" hack that create a functionality similar to traditional "Multi-Site". We need a single users and database, but otherwise, affiliated sites have a degree of separation.  This approach also makes it easy to share content between sites.  

Seen here is a shot showing a Front Page Template suggestions, based on the Domain name. The template suggestions begins with an Apache variable that passes into Drupal. The site's settings.php sets the Domain and Site name.  Then, a theme pre-process function uses the variable to inject the new template suggestion.   



Affiliated Domains Template Suggestions


Radix House Theme