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Radix House Theme (SubTheme)

Updates for July 2024:

We have been planning a design wish list for an ultimate "Light, Bright, and Open" theme.
A new wireframe design is going through team review and will be publicly released later this month. 
... this is where the fun happens kids!


RSVP System Demonstration


Updates for June 2024:

The repository is now updated to Radix 6.x for Drupal 10.3.x
The theme is rebranding into  "Radix RSVP System Theme" to better align with the RSVP System project.


Updates for May 2024:

Stay tuned for a quick mess in our project Repository, we're about to blow things out and reset for Radix 6 .  Radix 6 Beta is build on top of Drupal's new Single Direcotry Components. This is a creamy butter-like feature that we're really excited to use in our projects. 

Radix House Theme is a professional "Sub" Theme, based off of Radix Bootstrap Drupal Theme; Version 6.
Project Link : )

Radix was chosen for it's flexibility in creating quick sub-themes. Radix is a mature project that runs in production for many large institutions. 

Technical Explanations & Random Notes

A Pattern Library example page.
Builds on Atomic Design is a methodology. 

Drupal 10.x now has an easy way to toggle Theme debugging, see:

For Drupal 9, you can set theme debugging in the settings.php, or services.yml.

Twig TweK Cheat Sheet

Menu Systems Tools of Choice for 2024
SuperFish - Menu Navigation
StickyNav - Mobile Layout

SuperFish for our site menus, with a mobile breakpoint of 768px. 
It's helpful to know that some Menu CSS may live outside of the Theme CSS. 
Keep an eye out for CSS that is found within the Module.  

Superfish Menu Breakpoint

Schema Matters 
Experience tells us that enforcing a planned schema pays big dividends.  Enforcing a common schema reduces redundancy and confusion, while increasing flexibility with other systems.  
"Your site schema is your site foundation, plan it well. "