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RSVP System Calendar

RSVP System Calendar

Stay tuned to this page (/reservations), as this is the default landing URL for the project. <- Move to Gitlab Project
RSVP System on Gitlab

- Calendar Highlight Toggle : (See Longwood Gardens as example)
  -- Upcoming Listing
  -- Month View
- By Day Report, By Month Report
- Upcoming Schedule Email Alert

In the Works on Github:

Sample Data, based on Philadelphia Neighborhoods is provided as a CSV. 
This file is stored in the module's data directory. 

An option to load CSV data is available on the settings page.

- RSVP Locations are a Content Type.
They have a Entity Reference filed pointing to a Department Taxonomy.

- RSVP Departments are stored as a Drupal Taxonomy.
 They are used as the Entity Reference for Location content.

Sample Data - RSVP System
RSVP System Settings