Hey Yo. Gluebox is a small website focusing on building things and solving problems. Currently, Gluebox.com is serving as an impromptu documentation repository and build guide for Drupal 9 projects.

News for 2021
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Real-time ADS-B surveillance of local Philadelphia air traffic, just because.

PREFACE: Presented here are some random notes for setting up Federated SAML Authentication on Drupal 9. 

The killer feature for Drupal in the early days was its ability to hook into an organization's user base. The on demand provisioning of new users was a wonderful… Read More

This is an example listing of Drupal 7 Content Types.  As we look forward to Drupal 9, this makes a nice road map for commonly used site features.

Admin Pages
Banner Image Importer
CSV User Import
Profile Transaction - Logs changes in a user… Read More

Just when I thought I finally had the hang of Composer + Drupal, along came a Catch-22 with 8|9.

This is a great explanation how to get Drupal 8 modules moved forward to Drupal 9.
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This warning can occur during the Drupal setup when PHP OpCache is not found:
PHP OPcode caching can improve your site's performance considerably. It is highly recommended to have … Read More

PHP MyAdmin is a great tool. Here are some hints on securing the installation.  It's easy :-)

Move the URL to a publicly unknown *secret* path, then really protect it with an Apache firewall rule.

  1. Set the app path with a simple apache alias the URL. This only prevents… Read More
Apache IP Block to Local network , Apache Alias and IP Block , Apache Allow Local IP Network

About Us (Brochure Pages)
People (Staff Directories)
Calendar (Events & Staff)
Reservations & Loan
Staff Tools & Reporting

A selection of Drupal 9 Domain based modules make it a commanding leader it the Enterprise CMS world. 

Thousands of… Read More

PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'base.changed' in 'field list': SELECT base.uid AS uid, base.name AS name, base.pass AS pass, base.mail AS mail, base.theme AS theme, base.signature AS signature, base.signature_format AS signature_format, base.created… Read More

I recently came across a D8|D9 module that I might need in the near future.  This is a list of modules that are new to me, or that I want to pin for more review later.

"Recreate Block Content"… Read More

It can be useful to quickly copy an installed package list from one server to another.  When standing up a new development virtual box, you can use "apt-clone" to move over all your installed system packages.  

1) From the configured box:
> sudo apt-get install apt-clone… Read More

These are a few quick notes on setting ownership, sticky bits and permissions using "find".

Confirm you have the tools needed for working with Access Control Lists
> sudo apt install acl

Command for viewing current file/directory ACL… Read More

Back in the day of D7, UUID was not really a thing.  With D9 it's nice to understand what a UUID is and how to take advantage of it.  These are a few notes on the subject.

The UUID is a unique entity ID that can be and can be used across multiple systems.

A… Read More

Drush and System UUID , Drush and Setting UUID , data-entity-type data-entity-uuid

After posting the "D9 Domains Notes Setup Video" there was an interesting comment about my inference that the "Domain" module was new, which it's technically not. (Sorry) Just to acknowledge, the Domains module has been around since D7 (2006), and it has… Read More

Hot topic for a flame war:
Who has better default mail tools for easy shell scripting, Ubuntu or Red Hat ?

Spoiler: We like Ubuntu. Try working w/ RedHat documentation, then come back if you have any questions on why we shy from RedHat.
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We feel a sensible Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan starts with a platform that can be "Air Gapped". Using low-cost modern equipment, it is trivial to maintain a complete offsite replica of a production environments. Having a DR environment that can also serve as a backup… Read More

There's a lot of love for Drupal 7, the CMS that did just about everything. Quick and easy, never a fuss.

Enter Drupal 8, a major technical overhaul that took a bit of effort. Things became harder for less features, D8 was a slow bandaid to pull.  Many super awesome things were… Read More

Presenting report content in a perfectly formatted PDF printable sheets was something Drupal 7 did very well. The PDF Print module that we used in the past reached end of life with Drupal 7. The D7 project page has a good explanation on two available upgrade options. We choose the wrong one to… Read More

This is a quick review of popular Drupal 7 modules, with notes about their current status in Drupal 9. It took a long time to reach "Feature Parity" between D7 and D9, it looks like we're finally close.

The Rules module was the mother of all contributed modules, we've been watching… Read More

There are a few good reasons to work with Google. Security | Economics


In the CMS world, public facing webforms have been prone to security abuse. If it's not sensitive data, a simple Google forms makes a lot of security sense. Let Google gather and host un-trusted data… Read More

[ 11/16/21 Edit:
Attached below are my random CMS and forward thinking decision notes. After I published these thoughts, I came across this great article on choosing a CMS in 2021. This seems like a good place to link to a super write-up on the subject. Read More