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    Radix House on Drupal 10
    A Path to Excellence!

    Kaleidoscope functions as an incubator for a variety of web-related projects and experiments, with a primary emphasis on CMS platforms and DevOps. Because this project is non-commercial and pursued as a hobby, I am free to incorporate my passion for horticulture too.

    My FCC station call sign is W3BOX.
    Thanks for visiting!
    Steve G.

The Github Project page is here:

This is a quick beta demonstration for features we plan to incorporate into the RSVP System.


Problem Statement

We needed to set a default value for the field_assigned_user_email field on the node_reservation_request_form. The challenge was to locate the correct array path to this field within the form structure, as it was not immediately apparent where the field was nested.


Pinning this video as an interesting review of running "Stable Match" using Drupal 7.
It looks like the used Rules to help process their Match. 

Below are D9 modules that were loaded for internal evaluation.  We're cleaning up our composer.json file in prep for D10 upgrades.  Our module list is due for an upgrade. 

Some Additional Reading:
Top 10-must have modules for your drupal website

We'd also highly recommend this Drupal Module:
Better Exposed Filters

Twig templates, based on a Domain suggestion, are baked into our Radix House theme.  

These template "suggestions" are the glue which provide affiliated sites their custom landing experience.  All affiliated sites share a common front page URL.  Views and Content Blocks are customized for each site by filtering on either Domain, Term or Context.