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    Radix House on Drupal 10
    A Path to Excellence!

    Kaleidoscope is a Philadelphia-based technology studio passionate about delivering cost-effective, open-source solutions. Specializing in Content Management Systems (CMS) and related web tools, we leverage Drupal on Linux to craft scalable, secure, and flexible solutions tailored for real-world needs. 

Drupal 10 Site Building Notes

It's almost Theme Time, but before we begin with the fun stuff, there are a few server items that need to be set up.  Outbound email is the hardest piece, so we're going to get help from AI and we'll put the notes here to share. 

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DrupalCon Portland 2024

It looks like the stars will align and we'll be making a trip to Portland for this year's DrupalCon.  ... and from here, its off to the stars: ddev setup notes Explore the Full Article

DRUPAL 10 - Reservation Calendar Demo

This is a demonstration video for building shared organization calendars on Drupal 10.  We cover one method for structuring data, with a focus on separating content access by Role. Using Ajax and an Entity Reference View, the RSVP input form provides a dynamic Parent/Child user interface based on Role membership.  A common form is used for all departments, with available resources being trimmed to the requestor's Role membership. 

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Setting the Default Value for field_assigned_user_email

Problem Statement

We needed to set a default value for the field_assigned_user_email field on the node_reservation_request_form. The challenge was to locate the correct array path to this field within the form structure, as it was not immediately apparent where the field was nested.


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Stable Match Drupal Camp Youtube Video

Pinning this video as an interesting review of running "Stable Match" using Drupal 7.
It looks like the used Rules to help process their Match. 

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Affiliated Theme Templates

Twig templates, based on a Domain suggestion, are baked into our Radix House theme.  

These template "suggestions" are the glue which provide affiliated sites their custom landing experience.  All affiliated sites share a common front page URL.  Views and Content Blocks are customized for each site by filtering on either Domain, Term or Context.  

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