Domain Access Module - Follow Up Comments

Submitted by slackstone on Tue, 11/16/2021 - 06:33

After posting the "D9 Domains Notes Setup Video" there was an interesting comment about my inference that the "Domain" module was new, which it's technically not. (Sorry) Just to acknowledge, the Domains module has been around since D7 (2006), and it has a great cast of characters who helped build it.

I will say, that back in the D7 days, "multisite" setups were probably the norm. Multisite was just baked right in. Having individual sites on their own databases made/makes a lot of sense. Multisite makes sense depending on your requirements. If you want to do content sharing between sites, with a single user base, Domain Access beats out Multisite.

"With D9's mobile UI for admins and content creators, Domain Access becomes such a killer module to work with. Affiliated site content using Domain Access is one sweet feature."

Attached we see a shot of the default site settings page; showing how easy it is to set you front-page on a per domain basis. Nice and simple, Drupal 9 has such a sweet User Interface.