Website Construction Phases (Drupal 7 to 9 Upgrade and Migration Notes)

There's a lot of love for Drupal 7, the CMS that did just about everything. Quick and easy, never a fuss.

Enter Drupal 8, a major technical overhaul that took a bit of effort. Things became harder for less features, D8 was a slow bandaid to pull.  Many super awesome things were going on in D8, but the critical "contributed modules" needed a lot of catching up.  YES, basic sites were easy with D8, and many new sites came online. The complex stuff just kept humming along w/ D7.  

Enter the pandemic birth of Drupal 9 in 2021. Lots of people laying low, lots of contributed modules git'N love and updates. New coke final found it's fizz, and thing taste good with D9.  (Have people stopped drinking soda? Will D9 ever be as good, did it lose it's shine?)

Realistically,  Drupal 7 site owners have one year to migrate, and/or map out an extended support plan.

As of 11/21, this is a WIP map for the road ahead with D9

  • Existing feature Inventory
     Drupal 7 to 9 Module Review; A quick look at some popular D7 modules;
    Used to build a feature list for alpha testing;
  • D9 Testing | Alpha; Affiliated Community Example Site w/ 13 Domains on a single database;
    Content Access, Calendar, People Directory Testing 
    To be removed after 2022; 
  • D9 Testing | Beta
;  an example site used in conjunction with site building documentation
    A testing site for D9 production ready modules, features, and popular configurations
  • Client Requirements (Help guide this conversation)
  • Predicting Client Requirements 
  • Testing | Client Beta
  • Content Migration
  • Preview
  • Pilot Launch
  • Production Launch