Working With Google (and others)

There are a few good reasons to work with Google. Security | Economics


In the CMS world, public facing webforms have been prone to security abuse. If it's not sensitive data, a simple Google forms makes a lot of security sense. Let Google gather and host un-trusted data solicited from the open Internet.

Google Drive /Forms (todo, link to a sample form)


If you're on the content creation side, ad revenue may be a good idea. Here are some notes on what Google wants to see from a site:

Review Google Web Guidelines
- Build Site Map
- Authentic content, Easy Navigation
- better content, fewer pages (Identity)
- fresh content, updated weekly (no duplicate content)
- open comments, set comment policy 
- "meta keyword" tag not used by Google,  "Meta Descriptions" are used if they contain a well written description.

Another ad option is affiliate programs. Example: Linode Affiliate Program - This is probably too specific for most, but we like their products so you never know. Also, Linode is based in Philly, so neighborly love.
(PS, Linode has not accepted us to their program, we'll add a link if/when they do.)