Reasons to still consider Drupal in 2021

[ 11/16/21 Edit:
Attached below are my random CMS and forward thinking decision notes. After I published these thoughts, I came across this great article on choosing a CMS in 2021. This seems like a good place to link to a super write-up on the subject. ]

Areas Where Drupal Excels :

  • Communication of rapidly changing info to moving populations of user accounts.
    (Residents, Student Workers, Faculty, Staff, Community Partners, Alumni)
  • Role based access for granular content access
    (Room Reservations, Equipment Loan, Staff Schedules)
  • Account provisioning and automation tools for administrators. Easily handles thousands of user accounts, divided under many sub-site / sub-domains
    ( See Domain Access Module )
  • Site Navigation, Search, Accessibility (See Editorially Module)

Areas Where Drupal Lacks :

  • Advance content editing features are complex for users.
    (Repeating Dates with Conflict Checking and Moderation Workflows)
  • The versatility of Drupal to solve needs can lead to scope creep.
    (Piano Repair Form, Bypass Room Moderation for Site Office,  etc. )


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