Legacy Drupal 7 Content Types

Submitted by slackstone on Sun, 12/19/2021 - 09:50

This is an example listing of Drupal 7 Content Types.  As we look forward to Drupal 9, this makes a nice road map for commonly used site features.

Admin Pages
Banner Image Importer
CSV User Import
Profile Transaction - Logs changes in a user settings
Declined Request - Holds details of declined moderation requests
Event Evaluation 
Feed User Import
Block Event
Banner Display - Large front page display image.
Default Setting - Administrative content type, holds default settings for offices
Community Event
Reservation Item
Reservation Transaction
Newsletter Email - Trigger the creation of Community Newsletters
Panel (not used)
Protected Key Page - Site content that is protected by authentication
Public Site Page
Schedule Import
Space Location - Room and Space Locations
Space Reservation 
Staff Shift
Staff Schedule Date
Staff Time Off Request
Online Forms ( Webforms )