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Plant Life and the "Freedom 35 Plan"

I've always enjoyed studying and growing plants, especially orchids. During the pandemic I got poked by a new group of plants, cacti.  While I'm currently an Application Developer by day, I've always dreamed of running a greenhouse and plant nursery. 2020 helped kick these dreams into gear. I've decided to start focusing on this plant life dream, even if it's still just a moon-light hobby (for now.)

Current Plan: 
Raise ten thousand "San Pedro" cacti from seed, quit the rat race and setup a sales operation somewhere warm once I run out of current space. Call this my personal "Freedom 35 Plan."  I expect this plan to take several years, but cactus seeds are relatively inexpensive and I'm not ready to quit my day-job just yet.  

Strategies for Success: 
Call me a "new age hippie", but healthy living, exercise and meditation are important strategies that I use to stay focused and motivated.   I'm already having so much fun with my current plant collection and horticulture hobbies that anything else is just cream on top.  I'll probably need to update my strategy to something more serious, but for now it's all about living the Plant Life.

I leave you with some lyrics that I heard the other day.  Thanks for reading my rant --  Ha Ha Ha - "Plant Life!"

Greetings - Steve G.
Free from all old stories I've been told,
I walk through the valley of my own shadow.

I'm here now right before you; I am present in this moment.
My life's work is to honor the great beauty all around you.
“Gajumaru” a Tree that walks where a Holy Spirit lives.

Painted Trillium