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Trichocereus Nibiru (Open Pollinated)

30+ seeds

About 20 sprouts at 4/21/22



”Naming story from Josh - “Nibiru was a name I gave it. Its potential to sneak up and devastate the masses with little warning like a thief in the night was the basis. We located it during the time when Jupiter was rolling around for 9 months in the stomach of Virgo. So I figured it needed a cosmically relevant label.” ... It’s a plant found by Josh Norsworthy somewhere in the US. It’s an unusual one - I think there’s been speculation it’s a hybrid between peruvianus and terscheckii. 

Foliar feed 4/21/22
Foliar fees 4/21/22
Trichocereus Nibiru
Trichocereus Nibiru