Notes on Linux Distros ( RedHat or Ubuntu ?)

Submitted by slackstone on Wed, 11/10/2021 - 06:11

Hot topic for a flame war:
Who has better default mail tools for easy shell scripting, Ubuntu or Red Hat ?

Spoiler: We like Ubuntu. Try working w/ RedHat documentation, then come back if you have any questions on why we shy from RedHat.
Ubuntu 20.x LTS has basic security until spring 2025, this is a nice long runway. Ubuntu has been rock solid, no need to fix what's not broken.

See the community reaction to recent RedHat / CentOS product changes.

Here's a thread drop on running PHP 7.4.x on  Centos7/RHEL7 (not tested, here in case it's needed down the road.)

Here's a thread drop on running PHP 7.4.x on RHEL8 ( mod_php is not a supported option, PHP-FPM is the recommended option.)
Why is there no Mod_PHP for Apache?
Fun, Fun, SEE: