Website Comment & Content Guidelines

We love to talk about things; we welcome you to the discussion. 

Please understand that the Internet is full of bad actors who are not interested in maintaining a litter free social environment. We will reject any traffic or site visitors as needed, in order to maintain a friendly platform.  These are some simple ground rules if you would like to participate in the fun. 

  • Play nice, stay courteous, and be excellent;

  • Stay on topic, this is a platform for the discussion of the great outdoors;

  • No profanity, name-calling/personal attacks, or NSFW content;

  • If you break our rules, or upset us for any reason, you will be blocked;

  • No spam posts or Surveys. Advertising your own personal blog should be kept to a minimum of 10% of your overall contribution to this website;

  • Non-active accounts may be removed, and content may be deleted for any reason;

To use our platform, you will first need to acquire a super secret elite 😉 status user account. Currently we are in "invite only mode". If you want access, there are ways.