TuxJunior Snowman12/12/14

Since just about everyone else uses Git these days we've gone ahead and made the move too. The TuxJunior project code hosted on SourceForge.net now has a new Git repository.

Go pull some code.

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WARNING: Mr. Tree is a mutant GMO02/04/16

Mr. Tree is kind of like a big old weed. He pops up all over the landscape looking to cause trouble and he's tough to get rid of.

A genetically modified organism, Mr. Tree is one of many experiments produced by Nolok in is secret laboratory. If you happen to encounter Mr. Tree be careful. He is known to shelter a few poison ivy sprouts up his trunk.

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The Raft, Tux Jr.12/20/14

Tux Junior on SourceForge 
Based on Ubuntu 12.4LTS - x86

* may not build on x64, currently there are issues with the included squirrel libraries.

It's a good idea to download and build the a recent version of SuperTux from source. If you can't get SuperTux to build you'll likley not be able to build Tux Junior. The build process for SuperTux is well documented.

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Tux Junior Marketing Flyer, Rated Fun12/20/14

Tidbits and DoDads

Here's a sample Tux the Penquin character template file. We used this in our planning and character testing. The current character sprites used in Tux Junior were not built from this template but we thought we'd share it none the less.

Download our SVG template files on OpenGameArt.org


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