Featuring a Cast of Characters

Tux Junior is our penguin themed side-scroll platform game aimed at kids of all ages. Developed for both learning and gameplay,  Tux Junior is easy to modify and fun to play.  The game engine under Tux Junior was started from a 2007 developer branch of the smash hit game, SuperTux. While the engine remains vintage SuperTux, much of the game assets and levels have been reworked.  Thanks to the efforts of many talented open source programmers,  we've been given the tools to create and share this little penguin game. Released under the GPL licence you are free to modify and share Tux Junior with others.

The primary goal of this project is to build a kid friendly game while learning  a few tricks along the way.  Absent more developers, it is likely that Tux Junior will never be more than some hacker tinker code ... but you never know.

Tux Junior features the following cast of characters:

Penny the Penguin
Tux the Penguin
Nolok the Bad Guy, a./k./a. Dog Guy
Yeti, the abominable guy with big feat
Mr. Tree
Ms. Cherry Bomb
Watermelon Guy
Some Poison Ivy
Big Bot
Vacuum Bot

Creative Commons: 
Attribution 4.0 International