Nolok - Tux JR

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Tux Junior - Video Arcade Game Cabinet

Tux Junior Arcade CabinetThe Tux Junior Arcade Cabinet is finally complete. It's puplic debut took place at the 2015 Arcade@Dilworth kick-off event for Philly Tech Week. Not just another bar-top MAME cabinet, Tux Junior showcased three Free and Open Source games, Tux Junior, Super Tux and Super Tux Cart.  The people's choice crowned Super Tux Kart as this year's winner in the "Rated Fun" department. The fast paced action of this driving game kicked it.

-- Well played Super Tux Kart Developers, Well Played.

Tux Junior Arcade Cabinet


Arcade Test Monitor Mount, Nolok Background, , , , , , , ,

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Arcade Cabinet - Test Fit & Run with Monitor Mount

These are some shots of the Tux Junior arcade cabinet being built along the way. The plan was to run this on a Raspberry PI but we weren't able to run nearly as many games due to OpenGL compatability issues. A MacMini was used instead. A Raspberry PI will work well if you only want to play old school Mame classics.




LED Breadboard, Various Arcade Project Components, Cab Side and Screen, Lighting Test 3-way LED, Acrylic test fit, , Led wire solder and power test, , , Primer Coat, Primer Coat, Tux Arcade Build, Marquee Bottom

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Bartop Arcade Cabinet - The parts are coming together

Seen here is a 1/2 scale model of our arcade project, made in black foamcore. Making the model first really helped when it came time to cut the production MDF pieces in the wood shop. Most of the parts are now on hand, minus a slot cutter for routing the T-Molding we have planned for the cabinet edges. Also seen are some of the various parts that will be going into the project. With the newest Raspberry Pi B+, RGB LEDs and an Arduino in store, this project is really shaping up.  For now, we're moving on to the game setup and Linux config portion. 

1/2 Scale Bartop Arcade in Foam Core

Lego Arcade, Bar Top Arcade Model, Cade First Cuts

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Arcade Cabinet DoDads

Check out our new Lego Arcade cabinet. These are a few arcade cabinet planning ideas. Black foam board can be used to makes great 1/8 size models. Make a layout model to be used as your guide to cutting full size MDF sheets.


Ice Blocks

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R.I.P. Happy Penquin - The Linux Game Tome

For over fifteen years the folks at maintained the Linux Game Tome,  a database of Linux game projects. Many a geek were sad to see this classic site recently fade away into the Internet graveyard. But all is not lost, thankfully a dump of the site's data was provided to the community.

Along with some sweet game gems, this data contains lots of stale project information and entries for commerial packages. Here for reference is a cleaned up extract of the game data in  CSV format

The Linux Game Tome (wikipedia)

  Game Category Stats
strategy: 220
arcade: 497
util: 133
rpg: 200
action: 510
puzzle: 347
card: 53
mia: 354
text adv: 26
simulation: 168
toy: 43
board: 131
code: 50
License Classification
free: 2462
shareware: 121
commercial: 210
unknown: 111



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