R.I.P. Happy Penquin - The Linux Game Tome

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R.I.P. Happy Penquin - The Linux Game Tome

For over fifteen years the folks at HappyPenguin.org maintained the Linux Game Tome,  a database of Linux game projects. Many a geek were sad to see this classic site recently fade away into the Internet graveyard. But all is not lost, thankfully a dump of the site's data was provided to the community.

Along with some sweet game gems, this data contains lots of stale project information and entries for commerial packages. Here for reference is a cleaned up extract of the game data in  CSV format

The Linux Game Tome (wikipedia)

  Game Category Stats
strategy: 220
arcade: 497
util: 133
rpg: 200
action: 510
puzzle: 347
card: 53
mia: 354
text adv: 26
simulation: 168
toy: 43
board: 131
code: 50
License Classification
free: 2462
shareware: 121
commercial: 210
unknown: 111