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Super Tux Release Dates ( & Random Linux Setup Notes :-)

SuperTux Release Dates
0.4.0     2015-12-20
0.3.0     2007-01-06      
0.1.3     2007-01-06              
0.1.2     2004-10-25              
0.1.1     2004-07-19             
0.0.6     2004-03-18             
0.0.5     2003-12-24             
0.0.4     2003-04-09

Notes on streaming media (images and movies from Ubuntu 14 to an Apple TV.

# Install dependancies
$ sudo apt-get install libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev

#Install Airstream Gem
$ sudo gem install airstream

# Airplay image from Ubuntu to Apple TV
$ airimg /home/slacker/Pictures/Tux Junior R.101.png

# Airplay video from Ubuntu to Apple TV
$ airstream ~/Videos/Evolution.m4v -o

# This seemed to work well in our testing. The downside is that you can't pause or stop to a frame in the video. The upside is that you can do some cool things with images. Compliment with ImageMagick scripts to build out some cool console slideshows. This is a really cool little tool.

Our setup notes were compiled after following info from this thread.


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