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Random Drupal 7 Cheat Sheet Notes - Drupal show roles and Profile Data

/* List a user's roles */

foreach($user->roles as $role) {
print "Role: ".$role." ";

/* Check if user is in role *>

if (in_array('Web Manager', $user->roles)) {$display ="on";}

global $user;
$uid = user_load($user->uid);
$profile = profile2_load_by_user($uid, 'main');
$full_name = " ";
$full_name = $profile->field_profile_full_name;
if (isset($full_name['und'][0]['value'])) {
echo $profile->field_profile_full_name['und'][0]['value'];
} else {
print '<div class=messages--error>WARNING: We do not appear to have your Full Name on file. Please update your contact details to include this information. Thank You.</div>' ;

/* Logging out of Cosign / Drupal - EAT COOKIES */

global $user;

 watchdog('user', 'Session closed for %name.', array('%name' => $user->name));

  // Eat the cookies
  foreach($_COOKIE AS $key => $value)

  // Destroy the current session:
  $_SESSION = array();

  // Only variables can be passed by reference workaround.
  $null = NULL;
  user_module_invoke('logout', $null, $user);

  // Load the anonymous user
  $user = drupal_anonymous_user();

header('Cache-Control: no-cache');
header('Expires: -1');
$query_string = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
$service_name = $_SERVER['COSIGN_SERVICE'];
$central = "https:// COSIGN SEVER /logout/logout.cgi";

setcookie($service_name, "null", time()-3600, '/', "", 1 );
setcookie("logoutcookie",logout, time()+110);
header( "Location: $central?$query_string" );


Fire Brick Test Fix / Rocket Stove

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Random Code Notes - Raspberry Pi

mac: diskutil list
Cntl-t : dd disk status

Tux Junior on Raspberry Pi, BZ Flag on Raspberry Pi, Penny Penguin, BZFLAG Arcade

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Tux Junior on Raspberry Pi 2 , now running full Open GL on Raspbian Jessie

This is a test run of games that use/need OpenGL for 3D rendering. The output is a 52" HDMI TV.

The Raspberry Pi has a brand new "GL desktop driver" that opens up a bunch of new software possibilities!

Without this driver we were limited to a "lighter" mobile version of the Open GL 3-D tools. Many games built around the full desktop driver would compile and run but they were rendered in (slow & unplayable) software.  With this new driver we get hardware rendered 3-D which is totally playable.

Want to try some fun? Try running Bzflag on a Pi 2 hooked up to a big screen TV, it rocks. With a couple of networked Pi you can now have a low cost LAN party, where the hardware is inexpensive and the playing field is level.

In the past we've had to turn to a Mac mini for our arcade projects, the Raspberry Pi 2 is now ready to power some really, really, ridiculously small arcade cabinets.

Game On.

From the release note :

* optional experimental GL desktop driver (can be enabled using advanced options in command-line raspi-config)

Nolok - Tux JR

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Tux Junior - Video Arcade Game Cabinet

Tux Junior Arcade CabinetThe Tux Junior Arcade Cabinet is finally complete. It's puplic debut took place at the 2015 Arcade@Dilworth kick-off event for Philly Tech Week. Not just another bar-top MAME cabinet, Tux Junior showcased three Free and Open Source games, Tux Junior, Super Tux and Super Tux Cart.  The people's choice crowned Super Tux Kart as this year's winner in the "Rated Fun" department. The fast paced action of this driving game kicked it.

-- Well played Super Tux Kart Developers, Well Played.

Tux Junior Arcade Cabinet


Arcade Test Monitor Mount, Nolok Background, , , , , , , ,

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Arcade Cabinet - Test Fit & Run with Monitor Mount

These are some shots of the Tux Junior arcade cabinet being built along the way. The plan was to run this on a Raspberry PI but we weren't able to run nearly as many games due to OpenGL compatability issues. A MacMini was used instead. A Raspberry PI will work well if you only want to play old school Mame classics.





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