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Drupal Calendar -- Click Day to Add New Node From Month ViewCalendar Page


Clicking a day-block within a Drupal calendar page does not provide an easy way to add new events, as one might expect in a modern web interface.

Solution (hack):

- Install and patch the Prepopulate module to handle date fields. This allows for the passing of dates from the calendar into a "Node Add" form using URL paramaters. A new "Add Event" URL can be created for each day on the calendar view page.

- Copy the calendar template file calendar-datebox.tpl.php into the theme directory and reformat things to handle the new Preopulate values.

- Be sure to check a user's role and only display the new "Add Event" link for members of selected roles.



Bell Boy

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JQuery Code Snippet For Select Lists

This code will help display a special note when a specific value from a select list is chosen. In this example, some note text is added to the page, near the form save button.

This script can then be set in a Drupal "code" block, with conditions for only displaying on our node add/edit form page.

(function ($) {
if (this.value == 'some_value_from_select_list')
$('<div id="special_note"><H1>Special Note:</H1> Note text here. </div>').insertBefore('#existing_div_id_of_where_to_place_on_page');
} else if ($('#special_note').length){
// Check for length (existence) of our note div.
// This removes our note if the value is selected and then changed to another value.
$("div").remove( "#special_note" );

Kt, Tag, Morse Code, The Shack, Glue Box Telephone

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Philadelphia Frequencies & Repeaters

This post contains a bunch of frequency notes from our radio channel memory. It won't mean much for most.

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PHP Snippet print drupal custom search block

This code can be used to print Custom Search blocks any where you can stick PHP. Tested in Drupal 7.

#open php code

$block = block_load('custom_search_blocks','1');
$content = _block_get_renderable_array(_block_render_blocks(array($block)));      
$output = drupal_render($content);        
print $output;

#close php code


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