Tux Junior - Video Arcade Game Cabinet

Nolok - Tux JR

Tux Junior Arcade CabinetThe Tux Junior Arcade Cabinet is finally complete. It's puplic debut took place at the 2015 Arcade@Dilworth kick-off event for Philly Tech Week. Not just another bar-top MAME cabinet, Tux Junior showcased three Free and Open Source games, Tux Junior, Super Tux and Super Tux Cart.  The people's choice crowned Super Tux Kart as this year's winner in the "Rated Fun" department. The fast paced action of this driving game kicked it.

-- Well played Super Tux Kart Developers, Well Played.

Tux Junior Arcade Cabinet


Machine Parts: Mac Mini / Mint Linux Arduino 16 RGB LEDs
Creative Commons: 
Attribution 4.0 International