Tux Junior on Raspberry Pi 2 , now running full Open GL on Raspbian Jessie

Tux Junior on Raspberry Pi
BZ Flag on Raspberry Pi
Penny Penguin

This is a test run of games that use/need OpenGL for 3D rendering. The output is a 52" HDMI TV.

The Raspberry Pi has a brand new "GL desktop driver" that opens up a bunch of new software possibilities!

Without this driver we were limited to a "lighter" mobile version of the Open GL 3-D tools. Many games built around the full desktop driver would compile and run but they were rendered in (slow & unplayable) software.  With this new driver we get hardware rendered 3-D which is totally playable.

Want to try some fun? Try running Bzflag on a Pi 2 hooked up to a big screen TV, it rocks. With a couple of networked Pi you can now have a low cost LAN party, where the hardware is inexpensive and the playing field is level.

In the past we've had to turn to a Mac mini for our arcade projects, the Raspberry Pi 2 is now ready to power some really, really, ridiculously small arcade cabinets.

Game On.


From the release note :

* optional experimental GL desktop driver (can be enabled using advanced options in command-line raspi-config)

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Attribution 4.0 International