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Meet "Yeasty Beasty"TM our in house brewing mascot. The Yeast Beast came alive during a freak brewing accident in our basement during the the summer of 2011. Formed from the run sludge of a particularly nice orange coriander season, the Yeast Beast soon discovered a taste for KOMBUCHA! Now our in-house beast focuses attention on non-alcoholic fruit beverages.

Homebrew Beer

Leberkas chuck jowl filet mignon, pastrami tenderloin pork chop turkey drumstick pig pancetta tail ball tip porchetta. Pork belly picanha pork loin jowl kevin tri-tip ham hock pastrami ham kielbasa shankle shank turkey frankfurter t-bone. Kielbasa bacon tenderloin capicola, ground round swine pastrami. Ham hock short loin turducken doner pancetta. Pig meatball short ribs chicken, biltong tri-tip venison hamburger. Cow t-bone flank, pork tri-tip spare ribs salami prosciutto.