Tux Junior - Waterfall Test Level02/15/16

Tux Junior may need to compile with gcc >= 4.6.
Rasbian now comes standard with gcc 4.9, currently you'll need to downgrade your build environment to compile Tux Junior.

Here are some build tips for Ubuntu boxes:
Choosing GCC and G++ versions ( askubuntu.com )

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Custom Control Panel Glow, Custom Control Panel Wires, Arcade Cabinet Shell04/17/15

These are some older shots of our custom control panel, with a developer release of SuperTux running in the background. The supplier for the LED joystick looks to be out of bussiness.

Ultimarc sells all kinds of arcade hacking products.
Highly recomended for hardware geeks.


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This guide outlines the game environment software setup suitable for use in custom arcade cabinets. Plug it in, watch it boot, then jump and run!

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