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Greetings From The ForestTux Wobble Wobble - Merp Merp

Forest World Adventure Pack (FWAP) is an "Add-on" asset project built for the side-scroll video game hit, SuperTux.

Fan Fiction Back Story & Plot Correction

FWAP is a small side story about a gang of bad guys who attempt to hustle the Super Tux arcade system. While there is no official "ring-leader", Nolok runs most operations in the Forest World. Currently the gang is exploiting messaging systems, spamming the world with annoying ads for their "Mr.Tree EnterpriZe" TM product line.

Thinking there was a kidnapping involved, many players were on a mission to rescue Penny the penguin. Only this was all a scam. Penny just needed some space, so she went camping. She's been hiking and camping throughout all world-maps in the Super Tux Arcade System. Nolok made up this entire kidnapping story, complete with a bogus cut-scene, after he saw Penny make an exit.

Arcade Mission

Nolok and Mr Tree have rigged up a "Bot Net" using helpless forest creatures for electricity. Shut down their network, stop the assault on the Super Tux Arcade System, win a przie and have fun.

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